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Antel Spa Suites is situated in Makati - the heart of the financial capital of the Philippines where the premiere center of trade, culture and activity and where most international companies are located. The Suite flaunts upscale malls, designer boutiques, museums, golf and country club, gourmet restaurants, trendiest bars night club making it a favorite tourist attraction. 15 minutes from Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 15 minutes from Domestic Airport. 20 minutes from Manila Port Area.

Antel Spa Suites is located in the financial area of Philippines where the prime and important trade center, activity as well as culture. Many of the important offices, international companies, and commercial centers are located in the same region. Antel Spa Suites has a wide variety of luxurious setups to flaunt. Let's have a look at them:-

1. Upscale Malls - Trendy malls that accommodate the classy brands that one can shop at.

2. Museums - Museums as the most bustling tourist attraction.

3. Designer Boutiques - Designer boutiques that sell unique, designer items.

4. Golf Club And Country Club - Golf as well as Country Club for all the weekend outing and relaxation sessions.

5. Gourmet Restaurants - Restaurants for the family outings and meals where mouth-watering delicacies are served to bring you back each time.

6. Trendy Bars As Well As Night Clubs - To make all the parties the trendiest ones, classy bars, and night clubs are available to the rescue.

Nearby Attractions of Antel Spa Suites

1. Ninoy Aquino Airport (International) - International airport of Ninoy Aquino can be reached within a short duration of fifteen minutes from Antel Spa Suites making it easily accessible by the regular travelers wasting almost no time in traffic.

2. Domestic Airport - The domestic airport is just at a distance of fifteen minutes from Anter Spa Suites making it extremely convenient for the residents to commute. Not much time is wasted in the traffic while reaching the airport.

3. Ayala Center - Ayala Center is one of the majorly developed commercial areas located near Antel Spa Suites.

4. Ayala Museum - Ayala Museum is one of the nearby attractions of Antel Spa Suites which is on the list of almost all the travelers. The residents have an easy access to this tourist spot.

5. Serendra - Another residential project that is situated nearby making Antel Spa Suites residents have friends and neighbors living close by.

6. GreenBelt Mall - Greenbelt mall is popular for not just its giant size but also the class and high class branded showrooms it accommodates. All your shopping issues can get sorted while at Greenbelt.

7. Rockwell Center - One of the mixed usage high-end region situated in Makati is another important nearby locations.

8. SM Mall - Another mall in the nearby location gives the residents a variety of choices while out for shopping.

9. Polo Club Of Manila - For all the polo lovers the nearby location of the polo club is no less than a blessing. The huge polo club of Manila can be utilized for the regular polo sessions with friends and family.

10. The Landmark - The perfect shopping center for all your requirements available under one single roof.

11. World Trade Center - The nearby location of the World Trade Center makes Anter Spa Suites one of such properties that would impart huge resale value in the future. Hence, a wise investment!

12. Market - Marketplaces are one of the essentials that one looks for in the nearby locations while investing in a new home. Antel Spa Suites is located in such a region which is surrounded by marketplaces that offer all the daily commodities.

13. Ayala Triangle - A famous urban park called Ayala Triangle is also one of the nearby attractions of Antel Spa Suites.

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