Antel Spa Suites - AMENITIES

Nothing beats spending a day hanging out with friends or loved ones. With Antel Spa Suites resort-themed amenities, relaxation is something that can be enjoyed not only by your own family but with neighbors and friends. All it takes is a few steps out the door.

1. Huge Commercial Arcade - Antel Spa Suites is a place where high commercial setups are built up which brings high-class officials and businesspersons to the residential built up on a regular basis.

 2. A Grand Lobby with High Ceiling And An impressive Reception - The entrance of Antel Spa Suites is such that would sweep you off your feet. The brilliantly built high-ceiling lobby is superbly designed and decorated that leaves an everlasting impression on the passer-by. An impressive reception area with high-class reception person for the convenience of the residents is also available. 

3. Garden Ballroom - A garden ballroom is a place not possessed by all. Only a few lucky people get to experience the fun and frolic one can get only in a garden ballroom. Antel Spa Suites is one such place that offers an amazing garden ballroom for the luxurious living of its residents.

4. Lobby Cafe And Lounge - A decent cafe is accommodated in the lobby of Antel Spa Suites along with a luxurious lounge that the residents can use as per their convenience. They can call friends for fun, relatives to catch up with and colleagues for some meetings right at their residence.

5. Giant Function Rooms - While residing at Antel Spa Suites one need not look for varied places to host parties, gatherings, and functions. Antel Spa Suites offers giant function spaced that is huge enough to accommodate hundreds of people at an instant.

6. Spa, As Well As Massage - The relaxation of mind and body, are as important in life as work At Antel Spa Suites you get to experience the refreshing benefits of Spa And Massage by highly trained professionals.

7. Fitness Center/Gymnasium with Life Fitness Unique Equipment - A well-equipped gymnasium with all the necessary equipment of one of the top most brands makes the gym of Antel Spa Suites one of the best fitness centers.

8. Infinity Sky Pool - For the mesmerizing experience of the residents the infinity sky pool has been skillfully designed and constructed. This amenity of the property is going to bring envious feeling to all your relatives and friends. One can spend relaxed days and nights in this wonderful pool of Antel Spa Suites.  

9. Restaurant and Café - A restaurant and a cafe for the use of the residents are also built up the Antel Spa Suites.

10. Kiddie Pool - While the elders can relax in the Infinity Pool a mini pool for the kids is also available on the property where the kids can enjoy with their friends.

11. Resort Spa Pool - A resort spa pool is also available for the use of the residents. The tiring workload of the week makes the body lazy and drained. One can refuel themselves while staying at Antel Spa Suites where not just the body but the soul experiences peace.

12. Business Center - Antel Spa Suites is one of those residential places which also accommodates offices and can be termed as a developed business center.

  • Commercial Arcade
  • Formal Reception and impressive high-ceiling Grand Lobby
  • Lobby Lounge Café
  • Garden Ballroom
  • Function Rooms
  • Tocarre Spa and Massage
  • Fitness Center using Life Fitness equipment
  • Sky Infinity Pool
  • Resort Spa Pool / Kiddie Pool
  • Coffee Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Business Center
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