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Entice yourself with the charm of the relaxing sights and sounds by the Alluring Antel Spa Suites!

Antel Spa Suites

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Makati Ave, Makati City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: Starting at 37 sqm
Price Range: Php 4.8M and up


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Antel Spa Suites By Antel

Antel Spa Suites is the country's first four-star hotel and full service residential with wellness facilities. It is a boutique-hotel equipped with the latest equipment and facilities for the discerning frequent individual travelers, complimented by health and wellness facilities for the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Antel Spa Suites - A Unique Construction by Antel Group of Companies

First ever four-star luxurious Hotel and a residential property in the county. One of the best boutique hotels facilitated with the world class essentials and facilities for the individuals who keep traveling along with additional health and fitness facilities for the comfortable living of the travelers. One can expect absolute relaxation and a calm environment while staying at Antel Spa Suites.

One always dreams of a home like that of a multi-starred hotel. Antel Spa Suites offers units and studios no less than that of what a hotel offers. Additionally, the features and the amenities of the property is no less than that of a hotel. The giant size of the building seems endless storing thirty-four well-designed floors that are wisely put to use by accommodating various types of units, suites, other essentials, parking lots, etc.

Three basement levels of the tower are designed with a spacious parking lot for the guests of the hotel to park their cars and three parking podiums are available for the use of the residents to park their cars. A well-managed balance is wisely maintained at Antel Spa Suites. There are four elevators that impart speedy service. Three of them are for the use of the residents while the fourth one is for the use of various kinds of services. Such discretion is done keeping the convenience of the residents in mind. An entirely different elevator to be used for services and the property staff lets the residents commute in peace without causing any unnecessary hindrance in their daily chores.

At Antel Spa Suites one gets to review the specific power and water consumption as each unit has a separate power and water meter installed for its use. This facility is one of the unique ones that not many people get to use and enjoy the benefits of. The layout of the floor of each unit of the property is column free which makes it not just a unique construction but also a classy one.

Antel Spa Suites pays high attention to the security of all its guests as well as residents. Safety comes first while staying at Antel Spa Suites. Fire alarm systems, as well as, sprinklers are installed in all the parts of the property such that in case there is a fire break out people can be kept safe and secure under all circumstances. Additionally, to add on to the security of the residents as well as the guests of Antel Spa Suites, security cameras have been installed in the key areas of extreme importance. The footage of the cameras is recorded and reviewed by high-class security professionals who are solely present in Antel Spa for the security purpose of the residents and guests.

Antel Spa Suites believes in brightening the lives of people. Anyone living at Antel Spa never gets to taste the flavors of darkness in life as the property has complete power back up for the hotel as well as the residential section. This keeps one away from the unnecessary harassment and inconveniences of the day to day lives. An underground cistern to store water, as well as, an overhead water tank takes care of the supply of clean water without any hindrance to the residents.

A five chamber sewage plant for the treatment of waste water is also a part of the beneficial features of Antel Spa Suites which also is one of the steps to build a clean and tidy environment.

For each unit of Antel Spa Suites, there is a separate individual mailbox along with keys that only are made available to the owner of the residence. This keeps the privacy of the owner intact and also the important documents and letters that drop in can be collected by the resident as per their own convenience at their suiting time of the day.

Units of Antel Spa Residential Suites

Spacious and well-designed units are incorporated in the property where the residents get access the convenience and luxurious facilities of an upscale luxury hotel; jam packed with essentials and amenities. Units that are sold out are completely ready to be furnished and well equipped with the desired types of equipment of the choice of the owner. The units are made fire-proof and sound as well as earthquake resistant by column-free layout making Antel Spa Suite units the most unique, positively different and safe ones to reside in. 

Antel Antel Spa Suites in Makati City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Antel Spa Suites, then check here first. We have full details of Antel Spa Suites updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Antel Spa Suites - Location & Vicinity

Antel Spa Suites is situated in Makati - the heart of the financial capital of the Philippines where the premiere center of trade, culture and activity and where most international companies are located. The Suite flaunts upscale malls, designer boutiques, museums, golf and country club, gourmet restaurants, trendiest bars night club making it a favorite tourist attraction. 15 minutes from Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 15 minutes from Domestic Airport. 20 minutes from Manila Port Area.

Antel Spa Suites is located in the financial area of Philippines where the prime and important trade center, activity as well as culture. Many of the important offices, international companies, and commercial centers are located in the same region. Antel Spa Suites has a wide variety of luxurious setups to flaunt. Let's have a look at them:-

1. Upscale Malls - Trendy malls that accommodate the classy brands that one can shop at.

2. Museums - Museums as the most bustling tourist attraction.

3. Designer Boutiques - Designer boutiques that sell unique, designer items.

4. Golf Club And Country Club - Golf as well as Country Club for all the weekend outing and relaxation sessions.

5. Gourmet Restaurants - Restaurants for the family outings and meals where mouth-watering delicacies are served to bring you back each time.

6. Trendy Bars As Well As Night Clubs - To make all the parties the trendiest ones, classy bars, and night clubs are available to the rescue.

Nearby Attractions of Antel Spa Suites

1. Ninoy Aquino Airport (International) - International airport of Ninoy Aquino can be reached within a short duration of fifteen minutes from Antel Spa Suites making it easily accessible by the regular travelers wasting almost no time in traffic.

2. Domestic Airport - The domestic airport is just at a distance of fifteen minutes from Anter Spa Suites making it extremely convenient for the residents to commute. Not much time is wasted in the traffic while reaching the airport.

3. Ayala Center - Ayala Center is one of the majorly developed commercial areas located near Antel Spa Suites.

4. Ayala Museum - Ayala Museum is one of the nearby attractions of Antel Spa Suites which is on the list of almost all the travelers. The residents have an easy access to this tourist spot.

5. Serendra - Another residential project that is situated nearby making Antel Spa Suites residents have friends and neighbors living close by.

6. GreenBelt Mall - Greenbelt mall is popular for not just its giant size but also the class and high class branded showrooms it accommodates. All your shopping issues can get sorted while at Greenbelt.

7. Rockwell Center - One of the mixed usage high-end region situated in Makati is another important nearby locations.

8. SM Mall - Another mall in the nearby location gives the residents a variety of choices while out for shopping.

9. Polo Club Of Manila - For all the polo lovers the nearby location of the polo club is no less than a blessing. The huge polo club of Manila can be utilized for the regular polo sessions with friends and family.

10. The Landmark - The perfect shopping center for all your requirements available under one single roof.

11. World Trade Center - The nearby location of the World Trade Center makes Anter Spa Suites one of such properties that would impart huge resale value in the future. Hence, a wise investment!

12. Market - Marketplaces are one of the essentials that one looks for in the nearby locations while investing in a new home. Antel Spa Suites is located in such a region which is surrounded by marketplaces that offer all the daily commodities.

13. Ayala Triangle - A famous urban park called Ayala Triangle is also one of the nearby attractions of Antel Spa Suites.

Antel Spa Suites Location

Antel Spa Suites - Photo Gallery

Real Estate Photo Gallery

1 Bedroom

1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

2 Bedroom



Conference Room

Conference Room

Business Center

Business Center

Grand Lobby

Grand Lobby

Formal Reception

Formal Reception

Spa Lounge

Spa Lounge

Foot Spa

Foot Spa

Private Spa Room

Private Spa Room



Sky Infinity Pool

Sky Infinity Pool

Antel Spa Suites - Features & Amenities

Nothing beats spending a day hanging out with friends or loved ones. With Antel Spa Suites resort-themed amenities, relaxation is something that can be enjoyed not only by your own family but with neighbors and friends. All it takes is a few steps out the door.

1. Huge Commercial Arcade - Antel Spa Suites is a place where high commercial setups are built up which brings high-class officials and businesspersons to the residential built up on a regular basis.

 2. A Grand Lobby with High Ceiling And An impressive Reception - The entrance of Antel Spa Suites is such that would sweep you off your feet. The brilliantly built high-ceiling lobby is superbly designed and decorated that leaves an everlasting impression on the passer-by. An impressive reception area with high-class reception person for the convenience of the residents is also available. 

3. Garden Ballroom - A garden ballroom is a place not possessed by all. Only a few lucky people get to experience the fun and frolic one can get only in a garden ballroom. Antel Spa Suites is one such place that offers an amazing garden ballroom for the luxurious living of its residents.

4. Lobby Cafe And Lounge - A decent cafe is accommodated in the lobby of Antel Spa Suites along with a luxurious lounge that the residents can use as per their convenience. They can call friends for fun, relatives to catch up with and colleagues for some meetings right at their residence.

5. Giant Function Rooms - While residing at Antel Spa Suites one need not look for varied places to host parties, gatherings, and functions. Antel Spa Suites offers giant function spaced that is huge enough to accommodate hundreds of people at an instant.

6. Spa, As Well As Massage - The relaxation of mind and body, are as important in life as work At Antel Spa Suites you get to experience the refreshing benefits of Spa And Massage by highly trained professionals.

7. Fitness Center/Gymnasium with Life Fitness Unique Equipment - A well-equipped gymnasium with all the necessary equipment of one of the top most brands makes the gym of Antel Spa Suites one of the best fitness centers.

8. Infinity Sky Pool - For the mesmerizing experience of the residents the infinity sky pool has been skillfully designed and constructed. This amenity of the property is going to bring envious feeling to all your relatives and friends. One can spend relaxed days and nights in this wonderful pool of Antel Spa Suites.  

9. Restaurant and Café - A restaurant and a cafe for the use of the residents are also built up the Antel Spa Suites.

10. Kiddie Pool - While the elders can relax in the Infinity Pool a mini pool for the kids is also available on the property where the kids can enjoy with their friends.

11. Resort Spa Pool - A resort spa pool is also available for the use of the residents. The tiring workload of the week makes the body lazy and drained. One can refuel themselves while staying at Antel Spa Suites where not just the body but the soul experiences peace.

12. Business Center - Antel Spa Suites is one of those residential places which also accommodates offices and can be termed as a developed business center.

  • Commercial Arcade
  • Formal Reception and impressive high-ceiling Grand Lobby
  • Lobby Lounge Café
  • Garden Ballroom
  • Function Rooms
  • Tocarre Spa and Massage
  • Fitness Center using Life Fitness equipment
  • Sky Infinity Pool
  • Resort Spa Pool / Kiddie Pool
  • Coffee Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Business Center

Antel Spa Suites - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 4,841,519 36.75 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 6,618,699 52 sqm
Penthouse ₱ 19,583,876 150.95 sqm
Penthouse Suite ₱ 24,707,317 200 sqm

Antel Spa Suites - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 : Spot Cash
100% cash payable within 60 days after Reservation
Option 2 :
10% - 90% (5% Discount on unit price)
within 60 days after Reservation
Option 3 :
10% payable in 12 months – 90% Bank Financing
Option 4 :
10% payable in 6 months – 90% Bank Financing
Transfer Fees and Taxes shall be to the account of the buyer.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.
Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FFE) is payable simultaneous with the downpayment.

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